Jimi Hendrix
Isle of Wight
East Afton Farm
August 30, 1970

Audience sourced material directly from Lps


Intro (JH IOW V.1 + Kralingen/Isle Of Wight)
God Save The Queen (Kralingen/Isle Of Wight)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Kralingen/Isle Of Wight)
Spanish Castle Magic (Kralingen/Isle Of Wight)
Machine Gun (JH Isle Of Wight Vol. 1)
Lover Man(JH Isle Of Wight Vol. 1)
Freedom (JH Isle Of Wight Vol. 1)
Red House (JH Isle Of Wight Vol. 1)
Foxy Lady (JH Isle Of Wight Vol. 2)
Hey Baby (JH Isle Of Wight Vol. 2)
Ezy Ryder (JH Isle Of Wight Vol. 2)
Voodoo Child (JH Isle Of Wight Vol. 2)
In From The Storm (JH Isle Of Wight Vol. 2)

Notes: This is an upload of audience recordings of Jimi's Isle of Wight show that made into on Lps. I resequenced the Lps so they songs are in chronological order. It's nice to hear how Jimi sounded from the crowd that late night/early morning. The Isle of Wights Vols 1&2 are very good quality and made with a stereo recorder. I wonder if the bootlegers ever thought of an ambitious release of a 3-record set of the entire show? But maybe all songs weren't recorded. The Kralingen/Isle Of Wight is lesser quality and in mono, but captures a segement the other Lps missed. Of course most of the show has been released in soundboard form, but this gives a different persective. This is direct from my Lps...there are a few crackels, snaps and pops along the way, but nothing awful.