Jimi Hendrix

KROQ documentary, Pasadena, California, USA

Source: fm
Generation: 1st
Quality: B/B-

(A = amazing, E = abysmal)

No compression or noise reduction used at all.
Lineage: Maxell 90 -> Tascam 464 (azimuth aligned) -> Logic -> WAV -> FLAC

01 JH - KROQ Documentary 37:04

This came from a 35 year old cassette after it had been held in storage for decades. The levels on the cassette were quite low so they had to be boosted significantly. The tape sadly has aged, and there are dropouts and some print through so it isn’t perfect but it is a fascinating biographical of Hendrix from around 1968 to the time of his tragic death in September 1970. All commercially released music has been edited from it.

This is a fascinating documentary and features wonderful interview parts from: Velvert Turner, Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding, Flip Wilson, Juma Sultan, Ornette Coleman, Elliot Mazer, John McLaughlin, Alan Douglas, Eric Burdon, and others.

Digitised by hT December 2020
Upped to Dime by hT 2020.12.26

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