TTG Studios Hollywood, CA

Jimi Hendrix (guitar)
Andy Summers (bass)
Robert Wyatt (drums)
Zoot Money (piano)

The Soft Machine finished their American tour on Sept. 14, 1968.
Robert then spent the next 7 weeks in California.
In October he was invited to TTG Studios in Hollywood where Jimi Hendrix was recording.


Here is what you'll get here.
1. Jam #1
2. Jam #2
3. Jam #3
4. Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Robert and Jimi also recorded a remake of the Wilde Flowers song Slow Walkin' Talk.
That has been officially released on the Wyatt disc "Flotsam and Jetsam" so is not here included.
Robert also appeared, uncredited, as a back up singer on the Eire Apparent song "The Clown" which, being officially released is also not included.

This originally came from a Pink Robert torrent of the complete TTG session (1.6 gigs - 4 CDs).
Thought I'd share this little Wyatt bit for those who aren't particularly interested in the other stuff (Eire Apparent, Jack Bruce, The Experience with Lee Michaels, The Experience with Lowell George and Lee Michaels).
If all that does interest you check out www.pinkrobert.net.
I've included the original CD artwork so you can get more details on the entire release.

All relevant informations on ATM series and Hendrix bootlegs, including detailed tracklists, on Hans-Peter Johnsen's In From The Storm site: