Jimmy Buffett & the Coral Reefer Band
Jimmy Buffett: vocals and acoustic guitar
Andy McMahon: keyboards
Michael Utley: organ
Barry Chance: guitar
Josh Leo: guitar
Greg "Fingers" Taylor: harmonica
Deborah McColl: vocals
Harry Dailey: bass and background vocals
M.L. Benoit: congas, percussion and background vocals
Matt Betton: drums

Williams Arena
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.
July 4, 1980
source: master FM broadcast tape (live national broadcast, not recorded)
setlist: (some titles provided by etree guide that I could not positively identify)
runtime: 108:34 (minutes/seconds)

setlist: (disc break is just a suggestion)

disc 1 57:34
1: radio announcer introduction 1:13 (this track is not clear sound, just this one, due to broadcast problem)
2: fins 5:12
3: Cuban crime of passion 5:33
4: trying to reason with hurricane season 6:06
5: growing older but not up 5:24
6: volcano 5:52
7: come Monday 4:14
8: changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes 3:45
9: Margaritaville 5:08 (end applause splice needed)
10: dreamsicle 3:51
11: God's own drunk 11:15

disc 2 50:59
12: chancon pour les petit enfants 5:18 (song for the little children, short gap in recording at 4:42-4:46)
13: incommunicato 4:37
14: wonder why we ever go home 8:35
15: landfall > why don't we all get drunk 4:15
16: band introductions 3:32
17: cheeseburger in paradise 3:12 (tape change just before song, spliced)
18: a pirate looks at 40 5:30
19: treat her like a lady 5:55
20: dixie diner 5:01
21: survive 5:02

live broadcast on FM radio (KQRS Minneapolis was the host station) >
Sansui 8 reciever with wire antenna >
unknown average quality cassette deck (dolby off) >
TDK-SA 90 min. master cassettes >
played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
A this and that, master national cheeseburger broadcast production.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, and losslessly.

although this was before the (11th) JB + CRB album, "Coconut Telegraph", it
had some of the band heard in that album and tour. this concert is from when
they were still touring their (10th) "Volcano" album.
I checked out Buffett's list of discs and video releases on etree,
his 1st live album is from 1978 (various shows), and the second didn't come until 1990.
As for videos, one of his listing's pages would not come up at all (so I don't know
where/when it's from, with my luck with this stuff it will be this concert but I don't think it is)
but other than that, I could easily spend a week looking through for B-sides and the
like since Jimmy's discography is very big, but the video one is not that big, and neither
is his live discography for a fellow with such a long and popular history. So I am at
least as confident as I ever get uploading an FM of an artist this popular that this
post won't turn up a bunch of released B-side/extended play or re-release tracks in it.
which is not very confident, since there is no database that lists all officially
released tracks, especially B-sides, extended plays and re-release bonus tracks. I
have another term for those but it's not suitable to put in post.
Although Buffett has reached a near Springsteen/Winwood level of popularity in
recent years, and was already quite popular even in 1980, he was not nearly as popular
yet, and this would have to be considered "vintage" Jimmy Buffett, now 37 years ago.
This post has helped answer the question of why there's not much Buffett posted,
since he is so popular, and not on the NAB list. Because it takes alot more looking to
find released tracks to avoid of an artist with alot of releases, and Jimmy Buffett
has alot more albums than I ever knew about before I decided to do this post. Almost
the entire reason I'm posting this, is because so many people consider Buffett a
staple in their musical heritage, and I have this one recording of him that I made
off the FM radio one very hot July 4th afternoon. A couple of folks have asked me for
it for years, so long now I don't remember who wanted it, but alot will, I suspect.
There are quite a few folks who think a Buffett show is one of their favorite ways
to fry their way through the summer heat. So I need to share this.
I did record this concert off the radio and I did get it all in good FM quality.
Apparently every Buffett show has several songs they always play (or almost always),
like "Margaritaville" and "God's own drunk" and "cheesburger is paradise" and "volcano"
and "changes in latitudes"... all those and many more Coral Reefer Band faves are in here.
We in America have close to 300 million ways to celebrate our independence, and for 30 years
plus, one of those ways has been to throw a Buffett disc in the player.
I'd be more likely to throw on Return to Forever or maybe some Allman Brothers
(even though they can't be posted) but for the sake of an American institution,
before this becomes unpostable, since it is apparently not released as of posting time,
I'd like to share with you all my one and only Buffett recording, since it is a good show
(if you like Jimmy Buffett music, as many do, he sold out Fenway Park just a few years ago
and at least part of that is officially released!), actually a national birthday broadcast
party I've been holding for around Indy day. I don't offer much music for drinking (alcohol)
by, but this guy definitely likes to get drunk and is not ashamed to admit it in front of 3
million people. Fortunately for his fans, he does know how to put on a concert that's fun for
the whole of-drinking-age family, and his music is unoffensive enough to reach to some of the
most and least "conservative" of folks. Jimmy Buffett has an appeal that reaches to many people,
especially in the summertime, when the weather's warm, some people love this music, so for
those of you, who could use just a touch of re-"Buffing", from America's most popular "bufferman",
and one of my earliest and most popular posts yet, here you go.

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