Jimmy Herring & The 5 of 7
The Lincoln Theatre
Raleigh, NC

Source: AT 4041 > XY > Zoom H4N Pro @ 24/48 > SD card > CD Wave > Audacity > TLH > flac lvl 8
Stand at 9'high directly in front of soundboard

01. Black Satin
02. The Big Galoot
03. Matt's Funk
04. Sketch Ballad
05. Soulful Hang
06. Miss Maybelle
07. Band intros
08. One Strut
09. 1911
10. Check the Hand
11. Former Lives
12. Buddy
13. Kaleidoscope Carousel
14. Two Good People
15. Traffic Boom
16. Scapegoat Blues

Note: I used Audacity to rejoin track 15. It was split into separate tracks by the Zoom recorder. The rejoin is not noticeable. I was pleased with how it turned out. It was my first time with these mics in an xy pattern, and only the second time recording with them. The battery life issue with the Zoom is gonna drive me to drinkin'. ;^) billymack7

Jimmy Herring - guitar
Rick Lollar - guitar/vocals
Kevin Scott - bass/backing vocals
Matt Slocum - Keyboards/backing vocals
Darren Stanley - drums

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