Joan Armatrading
Congressgebow, Den Haag, Netherlands
November 22, 1981
Broadcast date of January 25, 1982

01. I'm Lucky (cuts in, last 30 sec. only)
02. Down To Zero
03. I Wanna Hold You
04. Rosie
05. Cool Blue Stole My Heart
06. Love And Affection
07. Eating The Bear
08. When I Get It Right
09. I Can't Lie To Myself
10. Me Myself I
11. The Weakness In Me
12. You Rope You Tie Me
13. Kissin' and A-Huggin'
14. Tall In The Saddle
15. Do You Know?
16. Show Some Emotion
17. How Cruel
18. Willow
19. VARA Outro

This version was recorded by Hans Devente and uploaded as three flac files
in July 2014. I normalized the channels, chaptered the songs, and
edited together the three flac files.

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