Joan Armatrading
Falconer Theatre
Fredriksberg, DK
May 25th, 1983

Recorded by Thomas Garvig with a SONY cassette deck and external stereo mic.
Transfer of master tape to cdr by Scott Heller.

hanwaker 2019-03
i completely redid this- rejoined the tracks and used some EQ to get rid of the boomy sound on the original
-lowered applause and killed a few near handclappers- sounds pretty nice for a vintage recording !
if you came across an anlog copy of this before <> grab this <>


01 I�m lucky
02 I can�t lie to myself
03 The Game of Love
04 The Key
05 Rosie
06 I love my baby
07 Love and Affection
08 When I get it Right
09 Eating the Bear > (cass flip hidden - no music lost)
10 Drop the Pilot
11 Bottom of the Top
12 The Weakness in me
13 - band intro -
14 What do the Boys dream
15 Bad habits
16 Back to the night
17 You rope time me
18 Tall in the Saddle
19 Call me names
20 Show some Emotions
21 No love
22 Willow

(this upload comes to you by courtesy of doctor space and the hanwaker -- a co-op for the time being)

hanwaker upload to dime 2019-03