Joan Armatrading
Cumberland County Civic Center
Portland, Maine
July 12, 1986
TapeTyrant Master Series Volume 12)

Recording: NAK 300's > Sony TC-D5

Transfer: Master Cassettes > Nakamichi DR-01 (azimuth adjusted) > Sound Devices USBPre2 > iZotope RX 8 / ozone 9 (mastered) > xACT 2.50 > FLAC

01 Persona Grota
02 I�m Lucky
03 Kind Words (And A Real Good Heart)
04 Don Juan
05 I Can�t Lie To Myself
06 When I Get It Right
07 Russian Roulette
08 Reach Out
09 All The Way From America
10 Love And Affection
11 One Night
12 I Love My Baby
13 Drop The Pilot
14 Killing Time
15 Angel Man
16 Secret Secrets
17 Friends Not Lovers
18 Show Some Emotion
19 Kissin� And A Huggin�
20 One More Chance
21 Call Me Names
22 Bad Habits
23 Me Myself I
24 Willow

Known Faults:

Welcome to Volume 12 of our master series featuring the master recordings of dime member "tapetyrant". The series will predominately feature captures in the Northeast and Southern California areas. We will touch on multiple genres with a strong focus on Jazz Fusion, New Wave and Rock.

Tapetyrant was an active taper in the 1980's and much of the 1990's before, like many of us, hanging up the mics. What he captured during that time is uniformly excellent quality and his master tapes have been safely stored, the first batch are in pristine condition. Some shows may circulate from lower generation copies but most have remained uncirculated until now and have never circulated directly from the masters.

Prior to DAT, the heavy lifting was entirely done by a Sony D5 with NAK 300's and taping was serious business, acquiring the best seats possible and working to keep neighbors in check.

We build on last weekend's Sade master with another under-represented female artist.

Another one that on first appearance could be considered an outlier to TapeTyrant's love of Jazz Fusion and New Wave bands, however, listening to this show and admittedly Joan was not on my radar in the 1980's, it makes sense. Great songwriting and a wonderful, tight band of master musicians. Turns out TapeTyrant was a big Joan Armatrading fan so I'm sure we'll be dropping in on more performances in our journey.

This is the opening night of Joan's "Sleight Of Hand" tour, quality is once again excellent from start to finish. Tape from around the 10th row, TapeTyrant reports they had a big part of the row all to themselves and were able to spread out allowing some distance between mics, this mic separation certainly comes through in the quality.

As with Sade, it doesn't appear tapers were flocking to tape Joan's shows wich is a shame but we are fortunate to be able to add a complete audience capture in such excellent quality.

Thanks to goody for his continued pitch excellence and of course "tapetyrant" for doing such a great job capturing these important shows, for reaching out and entrusting me to present his excellent work for all to enjoy for decades to come. We are indebted to his generosity (tapers don't let those tapes and your hard work get lost to the ages, there are plenty of folks to get in touch with here to help get them out, we're all working to leave no tape behind).

Artwork and samples included.

mjk5510 and tapetyrant

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