Joan Baez
Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
June 2, 1974

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This recording is incomplete. The very first song is missing and the track "Where's My Apple Pie," towards the end of the set, is also incomplete due to a tape change. Comprised of two sets that cover a wide range of material, this concert captures Joan Baez at a uniquely transitional time in her career. Although she had dipped out of the popular music spotlight for several years, the sessions that resulted in her career rejuvenating album, Diamonds and Rust, were about to be completed. Baez was still a serious interpretive folk singer and political activist, but was beginning to embrace a more mainstream sound, and openly displaying a sense of humor on stage.

The material Baez chose to perform this night ranges from some of her earliest traditional material like "Kumbaya" and "Johnny I Hardly Knew Yeh" right up to songs featured on her most recent album, including "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," soon to become the biggest hit of her career. The obligatory Dylan covers are featured, but rather than mining his "protest songs" of yesteryear, as had usually been the case, she chooses to interpret two of his more recent compositions, "Forever Young" and "Mama, You Been On My Mind," which she modifies accordingly.

During the second set, Joan's sister, Mimi Farina, makes an appearance on stage (for 2 songs), contributing to a particularly enjoyable sequence that showcases Joan's sense of humor and illustrates how captivating their voices could sound together. The sisters perform "Less Than a Song" and the old Southern hymn, "Ain't You Got A Right To The Tree Of Life."
Back to back versions of "Love Song To A Stranger," parts 1 and 2, are featured, as is" Where's My Apple Pie," a rare 45 single charity release sold only at her shows during this time. The set ends with Baez's angelic read of the traditional hymn "Amazing Grace," which she does as an audience sing-a-long.


Joan Baez - vocals, acoustic guitar
Mimi Farina - vocals, acoustic guitar (*)

Total Time = 01:28:00

Set list:
01 banter > Honey Love
02 Di Da
03 Blessed Are
04 Forever Young
05 Daddy, You've Been On My Mind
06 Winds Of The Old Days
07 Gracias A La Vida
08 banter
09 Natalia Gorbanevskaja
10 The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti
11 Kumbaya
12 banter
13 Oh, Happy Day
14 banter
15 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
16 Introduction of Mimi Farina (*)
17 Less Than A Song (*)
18 Ain't You Got A Right To The Tree Of Life (*)
19 Prisoner Trilogy (Billy Rose)
20 Love Song To A Stranger (part 1)
21 Love Song To A Stranger (part 2)
22 banter
23 Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye
24 Where's My Apple Pie (fades out)
xx Joe Hill
xx Amazing Grace

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This comes from a cd rip. I titled the tracks and re-tracked it.

The tracks also needed DC off-set applied. (which i have done,)

We are missing the first song and the last two songs.

Thanks to Mauro for supplying the cd files.



01 Honey Love.flac:b44e4e45065e00ec4e76f0124578ee44
02 Di Da.flac:9e34535394dcf1aa5eba1c0c10dead5b
03 Blessed Are.flac:30496ae52688a1b9dc875d07644d8136
04 Forever Young.flac:39463de2b7fd83d79ac6bc27f4c3ef93
05 Daddy, You've Been On My Mind.flac:e0e304cb81c469125aaad1ac3ba49598
06 Winds Of The Old Days.flac:2e8b9a2a4bd4cea4502cc80ea2479c9b
07 Gracias A La Vida.flac:6fb4d0c419af2f0c3c10c47cf1b6bdd0
08 banter.flac:59c080a853ea149b50ba04e3ede356f9
09 Natalia Gorbanevskaja.flac:f893078848eb6f1cfc36a0653fad14ea
10 The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti.flac:cfe658042f025e38c7bc831155cc19c1
11 Kumbaya.flac:a23ffbd7f4e91c7a73bce9d17b490189
12 banter.flac:47c91ed337f76533455ac518c17a39ee
13 Oh, Happy Day.flac:7f8ffe9a1daa0eeefa956c638fb32c5e
14 banter.flac:fdd8de9eb2147f137234ed82dc4620a3
15 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.flac:3ad4a61ea1656cf3f972b0f93b78847c
16 Introduction of Mimi Farina.flac:a2689b926dfbb742e46b7848fbc16048
17 Less Than A Song.flac:2c8a4c6321c3c4084e2f5aa4d3681693
18 Ain't You Got A Right.flac:bd920cfd9ceccb72e18100bbfcd9adc5
19 Prisoner Trilogy (Billy Rose).flac:c2ac5f4a94baac99e9f17cf576818d30
20 Love Song To A Stranger (part 1).flac:0b5e6ecc03fb11d2997da55654820f9f
21 Love Song To A Stranger (part 2).flac:d3bb6334b4af1ee953055b9ba4e0a749
22 banter.flac:a616cfcb5f4c0f7682954613f492229c
23 Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye.flac:5b17aafe440a190e798a8f09b1d3daf2
24 Where's My Apple Pie.flac:5c4daa140b47adbdeb4460119f7bf651

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