The Voice and the Words; magnificent. Thanks and appreciation are owed the recordist, of whose name I am unaware, for the fine source recording. The torrent is a fresh transfer from my copy and therefore will differ from previous uploads of this broadcast, if any.

Faults: Be sure to read all the entries in note, below; otherwise none.

Offenbach, DE -- Stadion am Bieberer Berg
1984-06-11 -- 56:16

01. Me and Bobby McGee
02. -talk-
03. The Rose
04. -talk-
05. Love Is Just a Four Letter Word
06. -talk-
07. Recently
08. -talk-
09. Oh, Freedom
10. -talk-
11. (For the) Children of the Eighties
12. -talk-
13. No Woman, No Cry
14. -talk-
15. Wozu sind Kriege da
16. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
17. -talk-
18. The Boxer
19. -encore applause-
20. Kinder (Sind so kleine H´┐Żnde)
21. Here's to You
22. -encore applause-
23. Sagt Mir wo die Blumen sind
24. -encore applause-
25. Land of 1000 Dances

t01: end fragment only; broadcast began with German overdub
t02, 06, 08: German overdub
t15, 20, 23: sung in German
t21: tape flip - slight start cut and possible loss of talk
t24, 25: from audience recording

t01: Kris Kristofferson, Fred Foster
t03: Amanda McBroom
t05, 16: Bob Dylan
t07, 11: Joan Baez
t09: traditional
t13: Vincent Ford
t15: Udo Lindenberg
t18: Paul Simon
t20: Bettina Wegner
t21: Ennio Morricone, Joan Baez
t23: Pete Seeger, author of German lyrics unknown
t25: Chris Kenner

Joan Baez - vocals, acoustic guitar

No artwork.

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