Joanna Newsom
Herbst Theater, San Francisco, CA
"Strings/Keys Incident" Tour
TAPER: Jess E Hendricks
Complete Show

01 [Intro]
02 Bridges & Balloons
03 Emily
04 Goose Eggs
05 Go Long
06 Sprout & The Bean
07 Have One On Me
08 Soft As Chalk
09 [tuning #1]
10 A Pin-Light Bent
11 Sapokanikan
12 On A Good Day
13 Time, As A Symptom >
14 Anecdotes
15 Cosmia
16 [tuning #2]
17 Peach, Plum, Pear
18 Good Intentions Paving Co.
19 Baby Birch
20 Sawdust & Diamonds

PROVENANCE: Zoom HN1 [internal mics] by taper Jess E Hendricks > doc > Audition (add fades, multiband compressor ("broadcast") to lift vocals/immediacy) > CDWav (splits on sector boundaries > FLAC8 > MP3Tag (tags/embed artwork) > DIME (seed date 01/20/2020)

And here is a complete recording of the final 2019 String/Keys show from the west coast leg, taped by Jess E Hendricks. Again, this capture has some minor and brief auto-level issues, which I have fixed in a couple of places, and left alone when they were brief and/or inconspicuous. Solid B+/A- sound, and lots of Q&A for her hometown crowd.

Thanks again to Jess E Hendricks, who did all of the heavy lifting.