Joanna Newsom
2020-01-15, Austin, TX
Bates Recital Hall
Strings/Keys Incident Tour
Complete Show

01 Bridges And Balloons
02 Emily
03 The Things I Say
04 In California
05 Sadie
06 Soft as Chalk
07 A Pin-Light Bent
08 Monkey & Bear
09 Sapokanikan
10 Esme
11 Time, As A Symptom
12 Anecdotes
13 Peach, Plum, Pear

14 Good Intentions Paving Co.
15 Cosmia
16 Baby Birch

PROVENANCE: Zoom HN1 [internal mics] by taper Jess E Hendricks > wav > Audition (add fades, declip [~2500 instances], multiband compressor ("broadcast"), very mild treble boost) > CDWav (splits on sector boundaries > FLAC8 > MP3Tag (tags/embed artwork) > DIME (seed date 01/21/2019)

Of taper Jess E Hendricks' captures of the later leg of Joanna's String/Keys Incident tour, this may be the best: vocals are clear and immediate and harp/piano are crisp and warm. It is the typical Austin crowd: respectful and quiet during the songs, lively but not intrusive in between. This show is a bit unusual in that Joanna seems to have the wrong setlist initially, so she "wings it" for a bit. It all works out, and this first show in 2020 turns out to be a good one. Highlights for me include "Pin-Light", Esme, and that ethereal second half of "Sapokanikan".

I had a little work to do because of some clipping in the raw wav, and a slightly reverb-y sound, but all said and done, this is one of the best recordings of the tour. Thanks again to Jess E Hendricks for his generosity in making this recording available.

Oh, and one more thing: Jess E taped night 2 as well. Watch this space...



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