Joe Bonamassa, The Theater At Westbury, Westbury, NY 2019-03-23

Taper : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon

AT831 Mics > SP-SPSB-10 > Korg Mr-2 @ Dsdiff 1Bit 2.8 Mhz > Sd Card

Sd Card > Adobe Audition > Ozone > Traders Little Helper


Setlist :
01-Intro Music
02-Tiger In Your Tank
03-King Bee Shakedown
04-Evil Mama
05-Just 'Cos You Can Don't Mean You Should
06-Self-Inflicted Wounds
07-This Train
08-Blues Of Desperation
09-No Good Place For The Lonely
10-Slow Gin
11-Stage Banter/Band Intros
13-Don't You Lie To Me
14-Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
15-Little Girl
16-Last Kiss
Encores :
17-Woke Up Dreaming
18-Mountain Time