Joe Jackson
Paramount Theatre
Austin, TX

Tour: Four Decade Tour

Audience->Schoeps MK4-Naiant Tinybox-Sony PCM-M10-cdwav->mp3tag for tagging->Traders Little Helper->recorded by seedy
Recorded from balcony right side row B

01 Alchemy
02 One More Time
03 Is She Really Going Out With Him?
04 banter
05 Another World
06 Fabulously Absolute
07 Strange Land
08 Goin' Downtown
09 Real Men
10 Dave
11 Rain
12 Invisible Man
13 It's Different for Girls
14 Fool
15 Sunday Papers
16 King of the World
17 You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)
18 Ode to Joy
19 I'm the Man
20 crowd
21 intro Steppin' Out
22 Steppin' Out
23 Got the Time
24 Alchemy (reprise)

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