Joe Russo's Almost Dead
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY
November 25, 2019

Schoeps CMC64V's>Schoeps>Grace Design Lunatec V3>Sound Devices 744t (recorded at 16 Bit/44.1khz)

SD744t>Soundforge Pro 13 (Fades)>CDWAV(Track Splits)>Trader's Little Helper (Flac)>Foobar 2000(Track Tagging)

Recorded By Jeff Travitz

Set One:

01 Headcount Speech
02 Althea>
03 The Eleven>
04 Viola Lee Blues>
05 Franklin’s Tower>
06 Atlantic City>
07 Rubin and Cherise>
08 Eyes of the World>
09 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Set Two:

01 St. Stephen>
02 Scarlet Begonias>
03 Dark Star>
04 Terrapin Station Suite>
05 Shakedown Street>
06 Throwing Stones>
07 Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2>
08 Throwing Stones


09 Jack Straw

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