- MULTIBAND REMASTER by the Digital Loyalist -

This has been originally seeded in march 2005.

This is the third one of the 5-night stand of the Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros series in Brooklyn's St. Ann's Warehouse.

Still a fantastic recording from the late period of Joe Strummer that as usual i tried to improve using some Multiband Compression as i already done with my previous torrents.
I tried to bring more clarity & more brightness to this one.
Hope you'll like it.

Don't worry, i'll share the 5 nights until april 6.
And all of them will be remastered as i believe these gigs were one of the best (performance-wise & sound-wise) of the late career of our beloved Joe Strummer.

thanks to the original seeder & whoever recorded these.

enjoy !


LINEAGE 2 (my version) =
Flac > Wav > Steinberg Multiband compression > Wav > Flac level 8.


Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Date: Thursday, 04 April 2002
St. Ann's Warehouse, Brooklyn, New York
Show No. 3 of a five-night stand

Joe and the band got lost before the show started, so they arrived late. He opens with an apology, and finishes the night with improvised verses about the number of Water Streets in the New York area!


01-London's Burning
02-Bindhi Baghee
03-Shaktar Donetsk
04-Tony Adams
05-Rudi Can't Fail
07-Police & Thieves
08-Armagideon Time
09-White Man In Hammersmith Palais
10-Bummed Out City (fade out)
11-The Harder They Come (fade in)
12-Mega Bottle Ride
13-Johnny Appleseed
14-Pressure Drop
15-Police On My Back

16-Take a Walk On the Wild Side
17-Blitzrieg Bop
18-I Fought The Law

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