John Boutte
(with guest David Torkanowsky, keyboards)
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
New Orleans Fair Grounds
New Orleans, La.
April 27, 2014

1 radio intro 0:13
2 2:37
3 Indian Red 5:03
4 The Real Me 6:33
5 Straighten Up and Fly Right 5:29
6 Lush Life 5:16
7 4:52
8 Someday You'll Be Sorry 5:48
9 Must Be Right, Can't Be Wrong 5:32
10 Foot of Canal Street 3:55
11 Time after Time 7:30
12 Treme Song 4:22

source: WWOZ-FM > Harmon Kardon HK3480 receiver > analog cables > Metric Halo MIO-2882 firewire interface > MacBook Pro (2.5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) > MIO Console (record panel) > (44.1kHz split stereo files) > DSP-Quattro 4.4 (trimmed, normalized by 2.6 db, split into songs) > aiff/wav > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.39 (level 8 compression, sector boundaries repaired, tags applied) > flac

A notch filter at 7.2kHz, -8db, was applied using DSP-Quattro's EQ filters to reduce high-pitched FM noise.

Editing notes:
* A 47-second station ID between songs 3 and 4 was removed with a crossfade applied.

* A long (87-second) station ID was reduced to about 17 seconds after Track 4. The end of the ID obscures the beginning of Track 5.

* A 13-second station ID was removed at 5:51 into Track 8 (after the music), just before the beginning of Track 9. A crossfade was applied. The first second or so of Track 9 was obscurred by the ID. (Track 9 fades up)

Additional notes: A 1-second dropout about 2:37 into Foot of Canal couldn't be repaired. THe dropout is also present in (unused) mp3 online stream. Finally, there are two IDs (on top of one another) that start and end abruptly after 10 seconds during the middle of Track 9 (about 2:29 into the song) that could not be repaired.