Terry And The Pirates
Longbranch Saloon
Berkeley, CA

Source: unknown audience recording > cdr > eac > wav
Lineage: wav > iZotope RX7 Advanced > iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced > CD Wave > flac16

Set I

01 crowd
02 So Who Asked Ya
03 Honky Tonk Jekyll And Hyde
04 Inlaws And Outlaws
05 Poetrain
06 Walking The Plank
07 All Worth The Price You Pay

Set II (partial)

01 tuning
02 Rainbow
03 Something To Lose
04 True Golden Touch

Terry Dolan - vocals, guitar
John Cipollina - guitar
Greg Douglass - guitar
Nicky Hopkins - piano
? - bass
? - drums


- Tape flip after "Poetrain" smoothed with a crossfade.
- A number of dropouts have been repaired an artifacts removed.
- I made some azimuth and phases adustments, and a number of level adjustments too.
- You may occasionally hear what sound like clicks but having looked I think that they are probablystray claps.
- There is a small amount of noise at the start of "Poetrain" in the right channel, I think this probably happened during the original transfer from tape, It has been attenuated but I haven't been able to eliminate it.

Thanks to Tom Shyman for extracting the wavs and sending them to me.

Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with pitch correction.

edited and mastered
February 2019