John Cipollina & Friends
OT Prices
Soquel, CA

analog sbd, unknown gen

Set 1
1. intro > That's Alright Mama 5:08
2. Louie Louie > chat 8:12
3. Hoochie Coochie Man 5:43
4. Suzie Q 6:45
5. Smokestack Lightnin' > chat 7:50
6. Big Boss Man 4:47
7. Get Out Of My Life Woman 5:08

Set 2
8. Tequila 4:08
9. Spoonful 6:09
10. Shout! > tuning > short instrumental 5:23
11. Do The Dance // 3:13
12. // I Can't Dance 2:13
13. BM & JC chat > Mona 18:49
Total 83:34

Announcer: ... from the San Francisco airport where his 747 jet has just landed, an hour late, from Munich, Germany. He was over there doing some prep(?) work for Ronnie Reagan.
Anyway, we've thrown some good stuff together here, we're just going to lay it on you. Barry'll be here before the night is over. So help us out, hang in there. I'd like to introduce this band by name, but they don't have one, so give them a big hand.

It sounds like Barry arrives after Shout!

BM: Thanks, er, thanks for being so patient. I broke down on a remote part of highway 280 where there were NO telephones. I had to use hook, crook & device to get here too.
You can turn on John's microphone, no-one will complain.
JC: Well, there we go. Actually Barry's trying to keep everyboy from freaking out but actually he was abducted by...
BM: lebanese terrorists
JC: flying saucer, by Reagan's old dead astrologer. You can read all about it in the weekly world news, folks. Yeah, film at 11.
So anyway, we're gonna do this song, I know you've heard it before, maybe we can get some help on it... eventually.

John Cipollina - Guitar, Vocal (13)
Peter Albin - Bass
Barry Melton (arrives late) - Guitar, Vocals (10 - 13)
? Eddie Money - Vocals (1 - 10)
? Kathi McDonald - Vocals (5, 10)
? Jeff Myer - Drums
? - Harmonica
? - Sax
? - Trumpet

Note: I received this many moons ago in a cassette trade; low gen w/ slight hiss in the quiet parts. Etree lists a Melton/Cipollina show for this date (completely different setlist). Anybody got more info on this?