Gravenites, Cipollina and Freiberg
John Cipollina's home studio, Mill Valley, CA

01 //Moon Tune
02 Holy Moly - tuning
03 Holy Moly// - song and jam
04 Work Me Lord
05 tune-up
06 Unknown Nick Blues // song
07 Nick's Talk//
08 //tune-up & talking
09 Too Far - take 1
10 Too Far - take 2
11 Too Far - take 3
12 Too Far - working on the riffs & jamming
13 unknown boogie
14 unknown boogie - take 2
15 Too Far - working on the riffs & jamming #2
16 Flashing Lonesome
17 Flashing Lonesome - working on the riffs

Lineage : Cipollina's SBD > ? > CDR (obtained in trade in 2002)
> EAC > WAV > CD WAVE (re-tracking) > FLAC + checksum by Tom Shyman (Feb. 2010)

-Nice and clear. Must be from either the master reel or 1st gen.

-Very much the same material of the other Gravenites & Cipollina '69/'70 reels that the "generous provider" offered. However, this one appeared around a few years before. Even though it's quite likely one of his as well, but it hasn't been confirmed.

-Not easy at all to track! There is moments of tuning, dead air, working on structures and talking. I did the best I could with it, and nothing was edited out.

-Track 01 cuts in, but not much is missing

-Track 03 cuts off, but not much is missing

-Track 06 sounds like it could be just standard riffing in the blues, but Nick states at the end that "the reason I came over here is I wanted hear the words to the first time I did it over here." and "...think we did tape it"

-Another reel in circulation of these type of recordings that opens with takes of "Flashing Lonesome"
That reel is also from 1969, but it's exact date is unknown. My guess is that is it could be a continuation of this session

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-Tom Shyman