John Entwistle
"Ruff Mixes"
Crystal Studios
Hollywood, CA
July 16, 1979

OK, here is a short one, pulled out of "The Freezer", and sent to me to seed here on TTD for
all his friends (and enemies) to enjoy! Please refer any questions or concerns to Freezer.

Rough mixes from the "Too Late The Hero" sessions. Here is how Freezer describes it: "These tracks
are roughs, before lead guitars or other embellishments were put on. These are "works-in-progress"
so to speak. These are NOT the finished tracks. Play it loud if you can. The set is super clean
and the sound is probably an A++ (make your own ratings...)"

Lineage: 1/2" reel marked "7/16/79 RUFF MIXES" > Maxell XL II C-60 > CDR(1) > EAC > .WAV > FLAC
Frontend (level 8) > FLAC

Obtained while cataloging assets of bankrupt Crystal Studios in Hollywood. All tracks on master
'RUFF MIXES' reel. Tracks as marked on box.

Track list:
01 Countryside Boogie / Suicidal Rock And Roll
02 Lovebird
03 I'm Coming Back
04 Dancing Master
05 Back On The Road
06 Sleeping Man
07 Sax Tracking Ent-7