John Entwistle &
the Rat Race Choir
The Channel, Boston, Mass.
November 19, 1987
source: master audience tape
performance quality: B (John a B+)
recording quality: B
runtime: 73:30
lineage: Realistic mini-mikes (on shoulders under T shirt) >
Sony WMD-6 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII-S master tape > soundforge 4.5 > FLAC > torrent.
That's a 3 step torrent from me to you, and 3 steps for you.
1: download. 2: FLAC > WAV 3: burn CD.
1: stage introduction
2: summertime blues
3: pinball wizard >
4: my wife
5: 5:15
6: bargain (and crowd "Boris" chant)
7: boris the spider
8: behind blue eyes
9: band introductions
10: shakin' all over
11: my generation > ? > amazing journey medley
12: won't get fooled again
13: encore break crowd
14: young man blues
15: twist and shout
Rat Race Choir opened their own show here
(along with Gotham City) but that set had
no John in it and was a weak set so I have
not included that. This is the full set with
John Entwistle (he plays in the whole set),
minus just a few seconds for tape flip
which you may not even notice in this torrent.
The recording is pretty good, but the sound was
very bassy at this show. (of course, J.E. with a
no name backing group, everyone wanted to hear him)
I recorded this one, standing about 25 feet from
center stage (most of the crowd wanted the best
view, even when I'm not recording I go for the best
sound at a gen. adm. show, which this was). It cost
all of $8:50 for a ticket. I decided to seed this because
it's John Entwistle in a club gig, a rather unusual
engagement that many of his fans have never heard him
in before (and likely never will again), it's from my
master audience tape, and it's mostly Who songs (some others
that they have played a few times.) Plus, I haven't seen much
at all from the Channel in Boston on dime. The band will never
be mistaken for the Who, but they did a good job (for a band
nobody's heard of). Sounded like they knew the material pretty well.
I never did see the Who, this is the only directly-Who-related show
I've seen and I think some folks would be interested in hearing this
show. (the singer says "Where were you folks in Albany last night?",
presumably making reference to a wimpy crowd response there. Not this
time! The crowd was into it.) John delivered a nice performance,
probably doing more jamming out than he would in a band of well-knowns
(post-Who). John is a name that bassist in one note player, and
proves he is that way, even in a band of unknowns. You can tell who
is playing the bass in this show from just a very short listen to
any part of this concert.