Chestnut Cabaret
Phila., PA.
November 5, 1989
Mono Soundboard
post production by jerseyboy

1 Ride Til I Die
2 Honest I Do
3 Statesboro Blues
4 Bye-Bye Baby
5 Drop Down Mama
6 Come On Into My Kitchen
7 Look On Yonder Wall
8 Broke Down Ragged Ford (?)
9 Come Back Baby
10 fattening Frogs For Snakes
11 Love In Vain
12 Who Do You Love
13 Crawling King Snake
14 Crossroads
15 Preachin' Blues

Another fine show from the Billy Dee Archives sees the light of day. Nearly flawless recording with the exception of the "footstomp" beat in track 1. If there was a mic on the floor
to pickup his footstomp it was overmodulating for most of the song. Sounds like a distorted deep click.
Thanks Bill! Keep digging.