John Lee Hooker and The Coast To Coast Blues Band
Ventura Theatre
Ventura Ca

Opener : Jackie Lomax

Taped @ 12/32
30' from stage-left
Taped by BouldernBun AKA Highdesert

Sony ECM 959A >
Sony D7 >
Dat Tape >
Tascam DA40 >
Creative Soundblaster Elite Pro Xfi Xtreme >
Sound Forge (dither-resample to 16/44.1) No EQ >
TLH Flac level 8

Tapers notes:
When we saw John Lee Hooker in 1986, 1988 and 1989 he blew our socks off. This set suffered from those high expectations/comparisons in my mind.
Those comparisons aren't really fair because this was a decade or so after those shows and John Lee Hooker was 80 at this point. Still,
during the 30-35 minutes he was actually on stage there were some pretty cool moments. An annoying, drunk, disrespectful, chatty crowd
but for the most part the chit chat surrounds and forms a perimeter around the music without being right in your face..Not nearly as bad as we remember.
A "B" tape that is worth a listen if not more. Enjoy!

John Lee Hooker Setlist:

09 Coast To Coast Blues Band
10 Coast To Coast Blues Band
11 Coast To Coast Blues Band
12 Hooker Intro
13 Annie Mae
14 Boom Boom
15 Crawling King Snake
16 ?
17 It Serve You Right To Suffer
18 Boogie Chillun
19 Boogie Chillun Reprise
20 Coast To Coast Blues Band outro/cut