"I heard the news today, oh boy"

AFN & German News reports recorded on December 9th & later. This is an audio time capsule of one of the worst days of my life.
In order to cope, I started taping the news & the special programs popping up everywhere.

AFN = American Forces Network, the only English language radio station on my dial.

Lineage: Radio receiver - cassette - eMu1212 - WaveLab - SF Audio Cleaning Lab - tlh
Except: Track 26: Internet download

From my own tape archive. Never shared before. Be warned, this is a rather fragmented listen and can be quite upsetting.
These news segments are between <1 minute and 4:36 mins. long. Quality is VG - VG++

01. December 8th 1980 [JL - Dave Sholin intro, taken from The Man, The Memory radio special]
I thought we should start (and end) with hearing John's voice. This was the last topic recorded for this interview.

02. AFN News # 1 (fan interview, killer, UK editorial, ex-Beatles reaction, YO brother, fans outside Dakota)
03. AFN News # 2 (killer in court, Reagan comment, album sales)
04. AFN News # 3 (killer, fan interv., RKO interview excerpt, YO brother, GM quote)
05. AFN News # 4 (George Martin reaction, Dr. Linn, killer, Playboy mag. interview quote)
06. AFN News # 5 (killer, police + on scene report)
07. AFN News # 6 (fan interviews, hospital report, audio outside Dakota, killer, Bruce Morrow, UK report)
08. AFN News # 7 (killer, YO statement)
09. AFN News # 8 (w. hospital press conference excerpt) - uses recycled elements

This special is nothing to write home about but this may be the only surviving recording of it on the planet.
Each segment is only up to 1:30 long and this is of course not complete and fragmented. All music has been removed. Quality is VG+

10. JL Special - Segment 1 - narrated by AF Seargent Rick Delyle
11. JL Special - Segment 2
12. JL Special - Segment 3
13. JL Special - Segment 4
14. JL Special - Segment 5
15. JL Special - Segment 6

OK, now stuff in German. Quality is excellent (except 21. & 22).

16. German National TV News 1
17. German National TV News 2
18. German National TV News 3
19. German radio news (unknown station)
20. German radio station news # 2
21. Bavaria Radio 3
22. SWR 3 program
23. SWF 3 # 2
24. SWR 3 complete
25. TV Special overdubbed in German (it's like a mind movie, even those who don't understand German can enjoy this) 10:35

26. Well Well Well (Baby, please don't go) [take 2] recorded February 11th, 1971
This most excellent quality outtake was unreleased and unbootlegged when it appeared in 2018. It may still be.
It's fantastic and I thought I don't have anywhere else to put this plus fuck it, let's end on a high after all that depressing stuff.

Recording first shared on thetradersden, 13 December 2020 by 1bgsky. Please don't share on other trackers without permission.