John Mayall
Eagles Auditorium
Seattle, Wa, Usa
Aug.16, 1969

No Set List

Early Show And Part Of Late Show

Cd1-Tracks 1-6
Cd2-Tracls 7-13

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T01. Can't Sleep This Night
T02. Don't Waste My Time
T03. Raining In My Heart
T04. The Laws Must Change
T05. Saw Mill Gulch Road
T06. So Hard To Share

T07. California
T08. I'm Gonna Fight For You J.B.
T09. Audience
T10. Room To Move
T11. The Laws Must Change
T12. Sleeping By Her Side
T13. California

John Mayall - Vocals, Harp, Organ
Jon Mark - Guitar
John Almond - Sax
Steve Thompson - Bass