John Mayall
Frankfurt, Germany
January 11th 1970

Conversion = ? gen cassette>Pioneer Stand Alone Burner PDR-609>EAC>
Soundforge 9.0>CD Architect 5.2>Wav>Flac

Sound Quality about 8+ out of 10
sorry no artwork
samples to be provided
A Bargain Basement Tape Production

Line-Up: June 1969 - June 1970 # 24

John Mayall - vocals, keyboards, harmonica, guitar
Duster Bennett - guitar, vocals
Jon Mark - guitar
Johnny Almond - sax, flute
Steve Thompson, Alex Dmochowski - bass


Disc One
02. Saw Mill Gulch Road
03. The Laws Must Change
04. I'm Gonna Fight for You J.B.
05. Room to Move (cut)

Disc Two
01. So Hard To Share
04. The Laws Must Change

While searching for something else I came across this gem in the vaults. A great audience tape of a two set performance by John Mayall. Sounds like low gen but it wasn't designated so who knows. Maybe some of our German Dimers can help with the introduction. Unfortunately some songs are marred by crowd talking. The second set is better. Taper must have shut recorder off after every song. Any help with song titles is greatly appreciated.
Enjoy the show, theklopeks

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