This is part 15 of a series of rare and uncirculating recordings of Mick Taylor with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers in Europe 1982 and 1983. With thanks to nzb who provided half a dozen of rare shows (Turin '82, Brescia '82, Verona '82, Clermont Ferrand '83, Basel '83 and Zurich '83), thanks to my friend Riccardo (MrNo) who dug out the previously uncirculating recording of Padova '82 and thanks to Jaap (Stonesmuziekfan) who put this project together.

�Volume 15 - The Bluesbreakers In Basel�
12 June 1983 � Basel

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers 12th June: Basel, Switzerland, Kleine Sporthalle St. Jakob
MT (gtr)/John Mayall (voc, harm, keyb, gtr)/Steve Thompson (bass)/Colin Allen (dr)
01 - Band introduction
02 - Rock It In The Pocket
03 - Oh, Pretty Woman
04 - My Time After Awhile
05 - You Never Can Be Trusted
06 - Italiano Style
07 - Checkin' Up On My Baby � part 1
08 - Checkin' Up On My Baby � part 2
CD2 :
01 - Sweet Sixteen
02 - Catfish Blues
03 - The Same Old Blues
04 - Room To Move
05 - Ridin' On To Santa F�
06 - Baby What You Want Me To Do
(Info�s taken from The Rolling Stones Complete Works Database by Nico Zentgraf

Quote StonyRoad
The sound was a little muddy and saturated, so I added just a little bit treble.
�Checkin� Up On My Baby� was cut in two parts (time to change the tape?), I keep it this way because the gap is listenable.

Posted by StonyRoad on IORR in February 2017

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