John Mayer
Live In Oslo Spektrum 2013

Recorded by Tobben.

Set List:

1. Intro
2. Queen Of California
3. Paper Doll
4. Something Like Olyvia
5. They Call Me The Breeze *
6. Intro
7. I Don�t Trust Myself (In Loving You)
8. Half Of My Heart
9. Speak For Me
10. Love Is A Verb
11. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
12. Free Falling **
13. Say Hello To Oslo Banter
14. Drums
15. Waiting On The World To Change
16. Banter
17. Dear Marie
18. No Such Thing
19. Banter
20. No One Til Someone Lets You Down
21. If I Ever Get Around To Living
23. Banter
24. Why Georgia
25. Friend Of The Devil (with Little Wing) ***
26. Vultures

* JJ Cale Cover
** Tom Petty Cover
*** Greateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix Cover

I recorded this show a bit to the right side of the stage. It was my first JM concert. Well played, lots of nice versions and a couple of rare tracks too. �They Call Me The Breeze� was a nice surprise for me, as I em a big JJ Cale fan (RIP). I don�t think �No One Til Someone Lets You Down� was played that many times at all during this tour. �Friend Of The Devil� was stunning, where he played a part of �Little Wing� during the outro solo.

The quality is by my knowlage very nice. But that is up to you to decide.

Don�t sell this recording. I recorded it for fans, and free trading only! I recorded it in WAV format with a Zoom H4 recorder. Imported it to Audacity. Splitted the file, and converted the files into flac using MacFlac.

Best regards from Tobben

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