John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension
Leipzig, Germany, Operahouse
"43.Leipziger Jazztage"

Audio attributes:
Audio coding mode: uncompressed wav (linear PCM)
Recording sampling rate: 44,1kHz/16 bit
Sampling rate of flac files: 44,1kHz/16 bit
Number of audio channels: 2.0
no mastering/editing except normalizing
recorded by: rebelrivers
Audio Quality: A

Linage: DPA4061-->XLR-Adapter DAD 6001-->ZoomH4n-->SDCard--->USB2.0--->HDD
--->track-splitting with Adobe Audition 3.0
flac/ compression level 5--->Dime--->you
recorded by: rebelrivers
row 7, centre of stage (distance 15m)

01 Introduction
02 Trilogy
03 Hijacked
04 Earth Ship
05 Call And Answer
06 The Beat Goes On
07 Gaza City
08 El Hombre Que Sabia
09 Light at the Edge of the World
10 Eternity's Breath pts 1 and 2
11 Audience
12 Enocore-You Know, You Know-
13 Audience

John McLaughlin – guitar
Etienne M'Bappé – bass
Ranjit Barot-drums, konokol, voc.
Gary Husband -keys, drums

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