John Medeski's Mad Skillet
September 11, 2019
Pittsburgh, PA
Thunderbird Music Hall

Source: ADK A-51TLs (w/ GK-67 capsules, DFC @ FOH, ~10' high, ~20cm apart, pointed at stacks) > Lexicon Omega > Waves Tracks (@ 24bit/48kHz)
Editing: Avid Pro Tools 11.3.2 (mixing, edits, fades, dithered & resampled on export to 16bit/44.1kHz) > CD Wave Editor (exported as FLAC)
Taped and transferred by: Alex Herd (

One set:
01. Inside Straight
02. Man About Town
03. Blister
04. The Golden Lady
05. -banter/band introductions-
06. Invincible Bubble*
07. Baby Goats*
08. Adele
09. Winin' Boy Blues
10. Piri Piri

* w/ The Steeltown Horns

*Thanks to John Medeski's Mad Skillet for allowing taping! Please support them by going to their shows and buying merch.*