John Prine
14 June 1984
Civic Auditorium
Portland, Oregon

We lost Leon a year ago this week to Dementia. Then last month we lost John to this dreaded virus. The two of them did this tour together back in 1984, and I was lucky enough the gain access to the masters of a soundboard recording from this show. This is dedicated to the memory of both these great performers.

Recording: Sbd > Nakamichi 480 > Maxell UDXLII cassettes. Recorded by B.M. & R.L.
Transfer: Nakamichi Dragon > Olympus LS-10 @ 24/48 > SoundForge 9.0 > 16/44.1. Mastered by Rabork.

John Prine - vocals and guitar
Gary Fish - vocals and guitar
on "Paradise"

01 [cut] Grandpa Was a Carpenter
02 Chain of Sorrow
03 Aw Heck
04 Come Back to Us, Barabara Lewis
05 Common Sense
06 Fish and Whistle
07 Spanish Pipedream
08 Far From Me
09 It's Happening to You
10 Illegal Smile
11 Donald and Lydia
12 Souveniers
13 Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone
14 Iron Ore Betty
15 The Accident
16 Christmas in Prison
17 Sam Stone
18 In Just Wanna Be with You
19 People Putting People Down
20 Dear Abby
21 Hello in There
22 That's the Way That the World Goes 'Round
23 Please Don't Bury Me
24 encore break
25 The Late John Garfield Blues
26 Paradise

In mastering I added tracking, adjusted levels, eased a little feedback, disguised a couple of dropouts that existed to the master tapes, and did some noise reduction.

If any of you musicologists out there can help with the questionable titles in the Redbone set it would be appreciated.

Please enjoy but don't distribute in any inferior formats (no MPEG's, etc.) or for profit.