John Prine
"Live at Ancienne Belgique"
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

Lineage: Unknown Audience Taper > ??? > CDR > WAV > TAO Gaps Fix > Track Splitting > FLAC Level 8


01. Spanish Pipedream
02. Six O'Clock News
03. Souvenirs
04. Fish and Whistle
05. Storm Windows
06. Grandpa Was a Carpenter
07. Far From Me
08. All the Best
09. Angel From Montgomery
10. You Got Gold
11. The Third of July
12. That's the Way That the World Goes 'Round
13. Jesus, the Missing Years
14. Donald and Lydia
15. Intro to In Spite of Ourselves
16. In Spite of Ourselves
17. Sam Stone
18. Bear Creek Blues
19. Ain't Hurtin' Nobody
20. Great Rain
21. Band Introduction
22. The Sins of Memphisto
23. Blue Umbrella
24. Hello in There
25. Lake Marie
26. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
27. Please Don't Bury Me
28. Paradise [w/ Todd Snider]

Total Duration: 131 minutes and 8 seconds


John Prine - rhythm guitar, vocals
Jason Wilber - lead guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Dave Jacques - upright bass, electric bass


This is one of the best audience recordings of John Prine from the era. The sound quality is almost perfect, except for some background hiss evident. When I received the show, there were a lot of gaps between songs, so I used GoldWave to fix the gaps for seamless playing. I don't have much information on this recording, no lineage either, except that Todd Snider opened the night for John Prine. It was an interesting show - John didn't have any female singer with him that night, so he had to sing both the boy's and girl's parts by himself! It's hilarious. It was also one of the very rare occasions where he sang the unreleased song "The Third of July", which was first performed at Farm Aid in 1990.

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