John Scofield Trio Festival Theatre Adelaide
August 9th 2012

1. intro Slava Grigoryan
2.How Deep is the Ocean
4.Season Creep
9.Tennessee Waltz
11.Relaxin' at Camarillo
12 Dang Swing ( announced during applause, many be another song)
13 ?
14 ?
15."We flew 30 hours to get here and we just cant stop playing ..."
16.Simply Put.

Ben Street on bass, Bill Steward on drums John Scofield electric guitar
SP-CMC-25 cards >SP BBox > Sony PCM M10 > 16bit wav > Mac Pro > Adobe Audition ( Acon reservation suite ) ( remove excess applause, adjust levels and EQ > XACT SBE( LEVEL 8 )

Stealth mode.
The venue has notoriously bad acoustics and I hate recording there.
It took years before I got this so I felt I could distribute it, the sound in the venue was very quiet ,I wasn't happy with the sound mix on the night or my first mixes.... I had to record using low levels as the drums were super loud compared to the other instruments, if anyone moved in their seats the noise was audible as there was so much space in the music the slightest noise was audible, the acoustic bass was distorted during one solo. Whole thing sounded pretty ordinary at first listen.

I made a few different versions in Soundtrack pro and didn't like any of them but I've learned a few things since then and have some new Acon plugins. I had a go at it over two days , made a mix i was happy with and have removed many background noises over the course of a day and now I think its very nice.Just goes to show sometimes things can be rescued .
its a very cool show.
the whole shebang was recorded and edited by GGB.

Don't sell it , share freely ,listen to it , respect the music and don't just collect shows so you can boast about how big your collection is :-)