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The Johnny Cash Show
recorded at BBC Picadilly, London, GB, May 10, 1968
(Broadcast Date: Jun 29, 1968 9:00 pm on Radio 2)
Info from Peter Lewry, I've Been Everywhere: A Johnny Cash Chronicle
(usually traded as May 20, 1968)

Johnny Cash
The Tennessee Three
(one of the last preserved shows feat. LUTHER PERKINS who died on Aug 5, 1968)
Carl Perkins
James Royal & The Royal Set
June Carter Cash

Johnny Cash
01 Big River / I Still Miss Someone
02 Ballad of Ira Hayes
03 Another Song To Sing
04 Orange Blossom Special
05 Ballad Of Boot Hill

Carl Perkins
06 Lake County Cotton Country / Turn Around / Matchbox
07 On The Outside Looking In / Country Boy's Dream

Johnny Cash
08 I Got Stripes
09 Long Black Veil / Delia / Dark As A Dungeon / Folsom Prison Blues

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
10 Jackson

June Carter Cash
11 The Last Thing On My Mind / Bye Bye, Bye Bye

Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash & Carl Perkins
12 The Old Account

Johnny Cash
13 Ring Of Fire

Another older recording that was archived years ago when CDR's first came out.
There is some digi noise in this recording from the deteorating media.
Sounds like this may have been a broadcast archived by the BBC on an acetate
perhaps, as there is some record type static.. or maybe an early bootleg lp (Yes there were several Cash vinyl lp bootlegs) and this may have been taken from that...

[Note, this set tracks the same as vinyl LP “The Boy From Arkansas”]

I have extracted it with EAC and there were no major errors, see appended log. Radio broadcast when Cash was on top. Not many live shows circulating with LUTHER PERKINS! He died not too long after this show.

Feel free to track correctly and remaster.

Attempted artwork included!

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