Johnny Copeland
SUNY Binghamton Social Room
Binghamton NY
January 28, 1983

Nopt sure of the band members except Michael Merritt on bass and
Ken Vangel on piano.

SBD recording from my master tape

1 Instrumental
2 Instrumental
3 Johnny intro - Boogie Woogie Nighthawk
4 Natural Born Believer
5 Honky Tonking
6 Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me
7 Early In The Morning
8 Wella Wella Baby
9 Tell Me What the Reason?
10 Tin Pan Alley
11 instrumental
12 Cold Outside
13 Love Utopia
14 Old Man Blues
15 I'm Gone
16 Devil's Hand
17 Applause
18 Claim Jumper


Almost a reseed
A few tracks had errors, so I decoded & re-encoded them, fixed SBE's
and added an ffp.
Samples in comments