Johnny Thunders
Club 57 @ St. Marks Place, New York, Ny, Usa
July 11, 1981
Audience Recording By Skotf
Skotf Archive Vol. 164


First Set
01. --Johhny gets ready--
02. wild horses
03. eve of destruction
04. sad vacation
05. you can't put your arms around a memory
06. --intro>>
07. i like to play games
08. --Johnny plays a riff--
09. ask me no questions
10. she's so untouchable
11. --banter--
12. i'd rather be with the boys
13. --banter--
14. --banter--
15. the wizard [Marc Bolan]
16. hurt me
17. like a rolling stone
18. --back in 15--

Second Set
19. lonely planet boy/frankenstein (tease)
20. as tears go by
21. it's not enough
22. another girl another planet (tease)
23. another girl another planet
24. alone in the crowd
25. some hearts
26. crime of the century
27. don't mess with cupid
28. (there's gonna be a) showdown (tease)
29. just another girl
30. --banter--
31. dream lover w/ Elliot Kidd
32. play with fire

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