JOHNNY WINTER, 1970-08-02, Aix-en Provence Pop Fest, Radio broadcast (probably Europe 1)
2 Aug 1970, 60:55 min, w/speakers comments, vg

Venue: Aix-en Provence Pop Music Festival, Domaine de Saint Pons, 1-3 ao�t 1970 (Southern France)
Apparently, Johnny played on Aug. 2

Initially i received this show labelled as "Paris, France 21 June 1970", but thanks to the speaker's comments it appeared to be the Aix-en Provence Pop Fest of Aug 1-3, 1970.
It is a live radio broadcast captured during the festival, but excerpts of the show only as the speaker had to interrupt several time his coverage of the festival to give time for other planned programs on the same station (news, other music, commercials..).
One can feel the Speaker's comments a bit annoying, but they provide some information about the ambience of the festival. We learn for instance that:
- Johnny is wearing a black sweater and dark blue pants;
- some people are sleeping wrapped in ponchos while others are dancing;
- at the end of "Mean Town Blues" it is 1h40 (probably a.m.?);
- during the end of "It's my own fault" Johnny leaves the stage while Rick Derringer (they call him "the other guitarist") continues to play;
- Rick is the singer during the rock'n roll meddley;
- during the drum solo, the audience stays fascinated by the drummer performance while Johnny and Rick leave the stage to take some rest;
- Johnny comes back on stage at the end of the drum solo and makes some dancing etc..

Approximative setlist:

- Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
- Prodigal son
- Walking blues
- Mean Town Blues (end only)
- Johnny B Goode (beg. only)
- It's my own fault (cuts in and out)
- Highway 61 (fades in)
- Rollin' & Tumblin'
- Meddley (fades in.. Whole lotta shakin' etc..)
- Jam, drum solo

Poster of the festival:

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..and there is certainly more.


Lineage: Received on CDr (Jeff James) -> EAC085b -> Trader's Little Helper -> Flac lev.8