JOHNNY WINTER, 1971-05-09, Liberty Hall, Houston TX w/Willie Dixon & the Chicago All stars
9 May 1971, 31:33 min., vg+, snbd?

I received this one labelled "5/13/69 w/Muddy Waters" but this is not Muddy in this nice recording but Willie Dixon.
Johnny is invited on stage and plays 6 tunes.
I only have the part with Johnny for this show. There exists longer versions which include the rest of the Willie Dixon set.
Enclosed is the poster of this event.


- Johnny Winter introduction by Willie Dixon
- Tore Down
- You Know it Ain�t Right
- Mean Mistreater
- Baby What You Want Me To Do (WD & JW on vocs)
- Roach Stew? (instr.)
- Killing Floor


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