Johnny Winter
J.B. Scott's,
Albany, NY

xx The Crawl (missing)
xx Bony Moronie (missing)
xx Rollin' and Tumblin' (missing)
xx Help Me (missing)
xx Johnny B. Goode (missing)
01 New York, New York (9:57)
02 Day Tripper (4:49)
03 Stranger (4:15)
04 Like a Rolling Stone> (6:10)
05 Wildwood Flower (2:46)

An excellent audience recording of a powerful,
enjoyable show. Unfortunately, it's quite
incomplete with, apparently, only the encores
making it to tape. At least that's all I have
and all I've ever seen in circulation for trade.

My copy of this show was tacked onto the end of
the second CD of Johnny's El Mocambo performance
on April 3, 1984. It was listed as J.B. Scott's,
Albany, NY April 1980.

The very informative Johnny Winter site
does not list this date and location at all.
However, that site does not seem to be kept
up to date as shows continue to surface over
the years. According to the info on that page,
Johnny played in Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto
on April 16 and Boston, MA on April 22. So this
date and location is quite feasable.

According to
the ablove setlist is what was played. If anyone
has this complete show, please share it!

In Audacity, I adjusted the speed -3% as it seemed
just a bit too fast and applied a very light EQ.
I also balanced the left and right channels very
slightly as the right channel was a bit higher
in volume and retracked the songs.

Lineage: CD-R in trade>Ripped using FairStars CD
Ripper software>Audacity>FLAC

Remastered by tombstone, December 2020.
Please keep lossless and share!