JOHNNY WINTER, 1984-12-24, Catalyst Night Club, Santa Cruz CA
24 Dec 1984, 65:08 min., vg+ (some hiss), from 3rd gen tape

Hi everyone,
Here is a JW show which is not referenced in the "JOHNNY WINTER STORY NEW WEBSITE" (
Possibly some missing music between the end of "My Time After A while" and the begining of the slide tune.


- Honky tonk/Succotash
- Sound The Bell
- (cuts in) Mad dog
- Don't Take Advantage Of Me
- My Time After A while (end cut)
- (cuts in) Good Time Woman(?)
- Johnny B. Goode
- Please Come Home For Christmas


Lineage: Received on audio tape (Jeff James) -> Pioneer PDR-05 HiFi audio CD recorder -> Audio CDRs -> EAC085b -> Trader's Little Helper -> Flac lev.8