JOHNNY WINTER, 1984-xx-xx, Arena-U-Nortre, Washington, D.C.? (Tape source)
1984, 40:42 min., vg+, aud

Here is part of a mysterious show which i received on tape as "Arena-U-Nortre, Washington, D.C.? 1984".
Could'nt find any info about this venue and there is also a question mark with "District of Columbia".
If someone has more information about this show, please let me know. It contains "Memory Pain", rarely played in the 1980's.


- Don�t take advantage of me
- Sweet Papa John
- Memory Pain
- Mojo Boogie


Received on audio tape (Jeff James) -> Pioneer PDR-05 HiFi audio CD recorder -> Audio CDRs -> EAC085b -> Trader's Little Helper -> Flac lev.8