JOHNNY WINTER, 1986-07-20, The Palace, Melbourne, Australia (Tape source)
20 July 1986, 90 min, vg+, aud

I received this one dated 1985 but Johnny toured in Australia in 1986 only. He played some dates in Sidney the days before.


- (cuts in) Honky tonk/hideaway (some flaws in the very beginning)
- Sound the bell
- Boot hill
- Brown eyed handsome man
- I smell trouble (tape flip)
- Don't take advantage of me/drum solo
- Murdering blues
- Mojo boogie
- Johnny b. Goode
- It's all over now


Lineage: Received on audio tape (Jeff James) -> Pioneer PDR-05 HiFi audio CD recorder -> Audio CDRs -> EAC085b -> Trader's Little Helper -> Flac lev.8