Johnny Winter
Capitol Theater, Passaic, New Jersey on November 14(?19?), 1986
( lists it as 1986-11-14)

Jeff James (roryglzep) tape of unknown lineage sent to Francisco Silva >
Sansui Deck D-95M and Creative Live! 24 bits sound card to transfer the analog sound to digital format. Cool Edit Pro software was used to edit the blancs,
fix some minor flaws, adjust the levels and index the tracks.

Set-list: (around 72 minutes)

1. succotash
2. sound the bell
3. don't take advantage of me
4. third degree
5. I'm good [brief cut in the middle for a tape flip, almost unnoticeable, the two segments were placed together]
6. mojo boogie
7. highway 61 revisited (cuts in)
8. johnny b. goode
9. jumpin' jack flash

Johnny Winter - guitar & vocals
Jon Paris - bass
Tom Compton - drums

Original notes below:
Promoting "Third Degree" LP (third & last for Alligator) released on September '86, Johnny put a high octane gas on the band machinery, Tom & Jon were playing off to
follow Johnny. In this November concert the high speed & gutsy playing is incredible. First time I heard it I believe it was a faulty recording. It was not. If you
still settled since the first notes of the strong "Succotash" rendition, through the rocker "sound the bell", the astonishing "don't take advantage of me", and the
beauty of "third degree" then on "highway 61 revisited" you'll have all your bones broken; hands down, the albino guitar master did it again. Even wild hard rocker
versions of "johnny b. goode" and "jumpin' jack flash" will sound banal after these.

Excellent audience recording. Great atmosphere with howling audience members near the taper which doesn't disturb the music but actually it adds a special flavour
to the recording.