JOHNNY WINTER, 1987-01-22, (w/Dr John) Sonet Studios, Bromma Stockholm SE (TV broadcast)
22 Jan 1987, 58:59 min., snbd (TV), ex-


- Talking/Interview
- Sound The Bell
- Don�t Take Advantage Of Me
- Mojo Boogie
- You Lie Too Much (w/Dr John on voc + piano)
- Sugar Sweet (w/Dr John on voc + piano)
- Love, Life And Money (w/Dr John on voc + piano)
- Jumping Jack Flash (w/Dr John on piano)

Recorded from Swedish TV. Very nice performance with Dr John.
Most of this program can be found on Youtube:


Lineage: Received on CDr (Haris H. probably) -> EAC085b -> Trader's Little Helper -> Flac lev.8