JOHNNY WINTER, 1987-03-21, Jubilee Pavilion, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
21 mar 1987, 70:57 min., exc-, Snbd?

Excellent recording, sounds like a soundboard to me.
The "JOHNNY WINTER STORY NEW WEBSITE" ( mentions "Serious as a heart attack" between "Third degree" and "Mojo boogie" but this number is not in my version.


- (cuts in) Honky tonk/Succotash
- Sound the bell
- Don�t take advantage of me
- Third degree
- Mojo boogie
- Shake your moneymaker
- Jumpin� jack flash
- It�s all over now
- Instr. (Back to chicken shack?)
- Reconsider baby(?)


Lineage: Received on CDr (from?) -> EAC085b -> Trader's Little Helper -> Flac lev.8