JOHNNY WINTER, 1988-09-22, Entex, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
22 Sep 1988, 86:17 min, vg+/Exc-


- Honky tonk
- I'm good
- Love her with a feeling
- Serious as a heart attack
- Bony moronie/Drum solo/Bony moronie (reprise)
- Mojo boogie
- Stranger blues
- Ain't that just like a woman
- Sweet papa john
- Johnny B. Goode
- It's all over now**

Another great performance of this North American tour.

**Note that "It's all over now" is not mentioned in the setlist indicated in The Johnny Winter Story Timeline (


Lineage: Received on audio tape (Terry D. (Canada)) -> Pioneer PDR-05 HiFi audio CD recorder -> Audio CDRs -> EAC085b -> Trader's Little Helper -> Flac lev.8