Jon Cleary and The Absolute Monster Gentlemen
Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
London, England

Late Show

Source: AT831B's >Edirol R-07 >wav 24/96 - recorded from far left of stage.
Lineage: wav 24/96 > iZotope RX7 Advanced > iZotope Neutron 2 > iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced > iZotope RX7 Advanced > wav 16/44.1 > CD Wave > Flac 16

01 intro
02 Lottie Mo
03 So Damn Good
04 Beg Steal Or Borrow
05 C'mon Second Line
06 Unnecessarily Mercenary
07 Boneyard
08 Skin In The Game
09 I'm Not Mad
10 Big Greasy
11 Just Kissed My Baby
12 21st Century Gypsy Singin' Lover Man
13 9-5
14 Frenchmen Street Blues
15 When U Get Back
16 ~~encore break~~


17 Jazz, Funk, Rhythm And Blues, And Soul

Jon Cleary - vocals, piano, guitar
Cornell C. Williams - bass, backing vocals
Nigel Hall - keyboards, vocals
A.J. Hall - drums, vocals
Wayne Plummer - guitar, vocals


There was a group people on the table behind me who were well oiled when they got there and spent most of the show talking and laughing loudly with no thought for anyone else despite an announcement before the show startred that talking should not happen during the performance. I'm surprised that they weren't asked to button it, most respect this request. What really annoyed me was that the waitress who was serving knew them and never said a word.

As I was using cards they didn't pick up a lot of it and I've removed as much as I can, of what was left, without damaging the music.

recorded, edited and mastered
September 2019