Joni Mitchell
Leicester, England
The White Swan
The Couriers Folk Club appearance
September 16th, 1967

recording: on stage microphons
received flac files thru filehoster
thanks mall.....

this reveals some insight on how the tape[s] was done
Ed Bates� letter to us speaks volumes about the conditions in which the recordings were made:
�I was present at the Couriers Folk Club in Leicester when they were recorded so I can say that the recording quality is not good. The Sony recorder was used as an amplifier and on some occasions (if someone remembered) a tape was recorded.�

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total time 60:05

Set List:
01) Little David
02) Come to the Sunshine
03) Chelsea Morning
04) The Wizard of Is
05) Both Sides Now
06) Night in the City
07) Song to a Seagull
08) Morning Morgantown
09) Dr Junk the Dentist Man
10) Eastern Rain
11) Circle Game
12) Michael from Mountains
13) Go Tell the Drummer Man
14) I Don't Know Where I Stand

in a former upload this info was revealed
"Thanks to alert DIME-er professor Goody who noted right away that my formerly-seeded copy of this had TAO errors and one burst of diginoise"

( the files i received had all of these imperfections)
I have fixed these.
futher fixes in 2017
fixed tr01 glitch @0.19 = now almost inconceivable
fixed tr03 glitch @0.49 still perceptible
fixed tr04 burst of diginoise @3.55 now gone

lowered the applause throughout the show
raised some songs by up to +2db

a fixed (kind of) reseed by hanwaker to dime 2017-02