Joni Mitchell (with The L.A. Express)
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA
March 3, 1974

Source: unknown analog audience > ?? > DAT > CD-R (transfer by Pat Mead on 1/19/02)

Transfer : Soundforge 4.5 > CDRWIN > CD-R > Sony CDU-926S burner > Astarte 2.03e > Wav > SHN > TLH > Wav

Editing: Soundforge 9.0 (tracking) > Wav > TLH (SB's aligned) Flac level 8

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Opened in 1964, The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion is part of the Los Angeles Music Center with a capacity of 3197 seats across four tiers.

This was the first of 2 nights Joni played in Los Angeles.

On a side note, just recently on Nov. 6 & 7, 2018. Joni celebrated her 75th birthday at The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

The event brought out a wide array of artists to perform Joni's songs.

Joni did not perform at her 75th gathering, but rather just watched others perform her music.

Since Joni suffered a brain aneurysm in 2015, Joni has made very few public appearances in the last three years.


On another side note, the reason I even considered posting this show was because I recently received a different tape transfer that was labeled as this 3/3/74 show, but that transfer was much shorter, missing many songs,

After comparing the 2 copies I had, it was evident that the shorter tape was NOT 3/3/74 at all. Along with having an extra song "For Free", which was not performed on 3/3/74. this shorter tape is a mystery, which I can't confirm the date. so that tape will be shelved for the time being. If anyone cares to give it a listen, let me know and I'll send it to you.


This version was originally in SHN format, but I converted back to Wave for inspection and then converted to Flac.

On with the show !!!!

Band members:
Max Bennett - Bass
Victor Feldman - Piano
Robben Ford - Guitar
John Guerin - Drums and Percussion
Larry Nash - Piano
Tom Scott - Woodwinds and Reeds

Set list:
01 intro + Tom Scott opening
02 This Flight Tonight
03 You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio)
04 Free Man In Paris
05 The Same Situation
06 Just Like This Train
07 Rainy Night House
08 Woodstock
09 Cactus Tree
10 Big Yellow Taxi
-- tape flip --
11 banter
12 People's Parties
13 All I Want
14 A Case of You
15 For The Roses
16 Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire
17 Blue
18 Trouble Child
-- tape change --
19 Help Me
20 Car On A Hill
21 Both Sides, Now
22 Raised On Robbery
23 The Last Time I Saw Richard
24 Twisted

Total Time = 01:50:33

~~ ENJOY ~~